Hey there! I'm the owner and main photographer for Whitney Erin Photography. 

I'm located in the Nashville, TN area and loving life here. My husband, two furbabies and I are originally from the Sunshine State, but moved here almost 3 years ago. I am an ex-Army wife and so proud of my hubby for all that he does. 

A little more about me- I LOVE dancing, music, Alpacas (yes you read that right), animals, people, pizza, chik-fil-a, love, art, travel and history. I'm that nerdy friend who reads Harry Potter at least once a year and wants a farm full of all types of animals. I think I'm living in the right state for that goal...don't you? 

I can be sarcastic, but in a funny way. Did I mention I love weddings? They are seriously my favorite event to photograph and I still cry at the ceremony, dances and goodbyes. Call me a sap but I don't care. #hopelessromantic 

Want to learn more? Send me a message, lets get together and get coffee or a drink. I'd love to hear from you and learn more about your dream wedding day!

hello. I'm Whitney




Home is where the heart is 

Things I love Most 

real moments


gorgeous florals

Your wedding day is just the beginning of a life long journey with your person. 

You know on Grey's Anatomy when Meredith and Christina say that to each other? " You're my person." That's what the celebration is for. You found your person, the one you want to wake up to, to annoy, to adventure with, to grow a family with and to change with for the rest of life. 

So let's celebrate that! Let's celebrate it right and party like rockstars over such an amazing life event. I want to send off all my couples on their wedding day knowing they just had the best party and now they get to have the best life together....and every photo will show that celebration. 

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

Whitney Erin's  Philosophy